Final blog post

My favorite project during this semester was the final video project. I liked how it brought a lot of the lessons we had learned into one project and I thought I learned the most from it. I leaned skills like photoshop and premier that I will use all the time in my future. In my future I plan to be a broadcaster and I will need to use premier to edit my film. I had already wanted to do this so this course did not affect my choice in my career path. I wish that I had spent more time in photoshopped and paid more attention to it. I did not find anything outside of class that was useful.


Final Video

For my final video I completely changed everything about it from my draft video. I did not think that my story line was strong enough to create a good final video. So, I changed my story to be about the Washington State Crossfit club. I filmed a open gym practice, which is when you can go in and make up your own workout or work on a certain skill or lift. My story begins with me walking into the Smith Building and headed down the stairs into the back room, then into the gym. I then filmed the order of the average day at crossfit. I sped this process up in Premier and used a still title that runs across the screen as I walked in.  There are three parts to any crossfit class. The first part is the warm up, which is a mini workout that gets your heart rate and up warms up muscles that you will use in your workout. To explain this I did a voice over and placed a title on each of the four different movements.The second part of my video is the strength section where a crossfit member shows what a hang power clean is. On the board it says clean 5X5, this means that you would do 5 sets of 5 repetitions. I did a voice over explaining what the strength section is used for and used an affect to make the transition smoother between the board and the movement. The third part of crossfit is the metcon or WOD (workout of the day). This is were you focus on maintaing an elevated heart rate for a longer time and where you do quick movements with a reasonable amount of weight and push your body as far as it will let you go. To better explain this I did a voice over of what it means and put titles on each of the three different moves. Additionally, I have music in the background. This is the type of music that a lot a gyms listen to when they do workouts.



Scene 1

Audio: Welcome to the Smith Building, home to the WSU crossfit club. Music

Length: 23 seconds

Description: Me opening the door and walking down the stairs into the back room and then into the gym.

Scene 2

Audio: Music

Length: 3 seconds

Description: The white board with the warm up schedule on it

Scene 3

Audio: There are three parts to a wsu crossfit workout, the first is the warm up. This is a mini workout that gets your heart rate up and warms up the muscles you will use in your actual workout. music

Length: 22 seconds

Description: Blake Rowe does burpees, box jumps, Kettle Bell swings, and pull ups.

Scene 4

Audio: Music

Length: 2 seconds

Description: The white board with strength 5×5

Scene 5

Audio: This is the second part of the workout were you enhance your ability to lift heavy bars

Length: 10 seconds

Description: A crossfit member preforms a hand power clean

Scene 5

Audio: Finally, the metcon is the last part of the workout. This is when you move quickly and often use heavy equipment. Music

Length: 26 seconds

Description: this is were Blake preforms the metcon which consists of box jumps, hand stand pushups, and muscle ups.

Scene 6

Audio: music

length: 12 seconds

description: this is the end where I walk out of crossfit and my end credits play.

Draft Video

Scene one

Description: The first scene is me walking from class passed Todd Auditorium all the way down past the communication building and Hillside cafe, to the beautiful house of Kappa Kappa Gamma. This shot is a center frame

Text: Living in KKG

length: 28: 17

Scene two

Description: The second scene is of me walking into the Kappa Kappa Gamma. I filmed what the front of the house looks like and then walked in through the front door. It is a center frame. Effect is a mosaic.

No text

Length: 5 seconds

Scene Three

Description: The third scene is when I walked into the house and my friend is walking down the stairs and she waves hello

No Text

Length 4 seconds

Scene Four

Description: This scene is two of my friends sitting on the couch in the formal room chatting and they waved to the camera. In the background there is a christmas tree that is twirling around.

No text

Length: 4 seconds

Scene 5

Description: This scene is all of my friends sitting in the tv room of my sorority. There is one girl asleep and the rest are smiling and waving. This is a typical day in the Kappa Kappa Gamma house.

No Text

Length: 10 seconds

Final Audio Story

For my final project I changed many things. The first thing I focused on was changing the overall context of my story. I explained in it why I love my sorority so much and what it means to me. I then talked about what crossfit means to me and why I like it and how often I do it. Instead of just interviewing two people I made it a story with an addition of two interviews. I then decided to take out my questions that were in my interview because it was too repetitive. To do this I had to go through and razor out the questions I asked. I then had to make sure it had a good flow and that listeners could not hear where it was edited. This was difficult in some respects because it was a short space between me and the person talking. However, i think this sounded much better then my first story. Then i decided to add an instrumental background music. This made my second interview sound much better and it took away from the background music that was in the interview with coach Blake. This also helped the flow of the story and I believe it gave it much more depth. In addition to these changes I went through and amplified the quite parts. In the interview with Kendall I made it much louder so it wasn’t too quite for the background music. I debated about the music for a long time and wanted something that did not have words in it because i think that would be distracting. I also tried many different tracks of music. Some were faster and some sounded slow and sad. I picked this one because i thought it was a perfect addition to the story. Overall, i am very pleased with my final draft.

draft audio story

For my draft audio project I choose to interview two people who are in my life everyday. The first person I interviewed was one of my best friends, Kendall. She is a member of my sorority Kappa Kappa Gamma. I asked her what Kappa means to her and if she likes living in the house. When I did the intro for Kendall I had to edit and redo the soundtrack many times. I still do not think the opening is very consistent with the interview however, it is to the point and leads well into kendall’s interview. I only had to edit Kendall’s part a little and fix some of her um’s. For her interview I wanted it to sound natural and I tried to make the edits seem seamless. For my introduction into my second interview I had lots of trouble. I could not get it to flow well for a long time. I decided to instead of make a long drown out interview to cut it down and just mention what is vital to the introduction. In my interview with Blake there is a lot of background noise. I decided that in the end I really like this. It is not too distracting but it adds to the authenticity of the interview. There is always extremely loud music at crossfit and always a lot going on. I thought this complemented the interview. However, my issue with the second interview is the ending. It ends very abruptly because the last comment Blake made was unimportant and almost is inappropriate. I would like to find a way to end this not so abruptly but this would mean interviewing Blake again or having an inconsistent ending. Overall, I think my draft audio project turned out alright for my first time. For my final I would like it to sound a little more professional.

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